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At almost 50, I started my fitness journey because I was stuck on an island with no job, no income and plenty of time on my hands. What started as a goal to lose my belly has transitioned to become a mission to inspire and motivate others towards a healthy lifestyle and to show them how to do it. Now recognized as one of the top trainers who specialized in movement and mobility in the area, I created The Breathing Space to help my clients safely and effectively meet their fitness goals. My personalized training regime and nutrition coaching will make you feel fit, healthy and happy in no time!

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The term "Breathing Space" refers to an opportunity to take a break, pause and relax. In today's society, it is imperative that we devote time to ourselves and well-being to achieve our health and fitness potential. I firmly believe that The Breathing Space can help you do just that by adhering to my philosophy below:
1. The mind is primary
2. Train for an objective
3. Functional training for a high degree of transferability
4. Train movements, not muscles
5. Power to weight ratio - you must be able to move your own engine
6. Train all aspects of physical fitness
7. Train to prepare for real life, do something with your fitness
8. Nutrition is the foundation, you cannot outwork a bad diet
9. Recovery is 50% of the equation.

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    From $80 per session

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    Starting from $179
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Sherry F.

Found Randy to get me back to exercise after the pandemic. Making pretty good progress so far. The workouts he put together are challenging but he’s also super cautious about my previous knee surgery. He will also assign homework when I can only make one class a week. Randy makes me feel very comfortable while training with him. He’s not overly pushy, always very chill and cracking jokes but firm with his instructions. I am learning a lot about fitness and nutrition in the short few sessions I took with him. I would recommend him as fitness and nutritional coach.

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